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signed editions (are available)

The Clumsy Ducks website is still in development and not yet e-commerce capable. That said, if you'd like a signed copy of My Angels Are Come, we'd be happy to sell you one the old fashioned way - using paper and ink and a postage stamp. Read on.


  1. Please consult the Pricing schedule in the panel on the left (just click Pricing) and select the option you prefer - (A or B).
  2. Then print the handy Order Form (PDF file), and fill it out carefully.
  3. Finally, send the completed Order Form, with check or money order (payable to Clumsy Ducks Publishing) for the amount of your chosen option. Send to:
  • Attn: Book Orders
  • Clumsy Duck Publishing
  • P.O. Box 10065
  • South Bend, IN 46680-0065

Note: order pricing includes USPS shipping, U.S. locations only.


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E-commerce has not yet arrived at Clumsy Ducks. However, you can place an order for a signed edition of My Angels Are Come using paper and ink and a US postage stamp. Neat, huh?

Just find your pricing option below and follow the easy instructions in the main panel on your right. Arrow Right

Retail Price
Book $24.95

Our "pre-ecommerce" Price
Book $20.00


(sales outside Indiana)
Book 20.00
S/H 4.95
Total $24.95

(sales inside Indiana)
Book 20.00
S/H 4.95
Sales Tax 1.40
Total $26.35

now available...

 A pen,  a pen,

Please: no international orders for Signed Editions at this point. US dollars only.
Thank you.

  . . . my kingdom for a pen..